Original Chesterfield maintenance | Leather Cream SP


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This leather cream combines cleaning and care. So you only need one product to clean, maintain and protect your furniture against wear and stains.


A good investment to keep the leather beautiful for a long time!

  • Colorless and therefore suitable for all types of leather
  • Apply the product to the leather using a sponge or cloth
  • Self-glossy and makes brushing or polishing unnecessary.
  • Dry within one minute
  • The cream does not stain and is not sticky

The original Chesterfield Leather Care Bio Cream has been specially developed for use on Chesterfield furniture, but you can also use the resources for other leather products.


The leather cream is packed in a set.


In order to optimally protect your furniture, you must apply the product 4 times a year.


The Bio Cream is a leather cleaner and leather protector in a package.

Technical specifications


Modelo: Chesterfield Original
Material: Ecológico
Color: Incoloro
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