Chesterfield No Leather | 3-seater Sofa My Chesterfield | NAL Wash Off Brown


Chesterfield 3-Seater Sofa My Chesterfield NAL Wash Off Brown

New! The No Leather collection from Chesterfield.

The Chesterfield furniture from our Chesterfield No Leather collection uses NAL upholstery (No Animal Leather), also known as Vegan leather.

Our NAL upholstery is the animal-friendly version of the real leather, in which no animal hides are used.

The top layer of NAL upholstery is applied to a textile backing. Afterwards, a structure is pressed into it, making it look and feel like real leather.

NAL material is easy to maintain and easier to keep clean than real leather. It is also not water-permeable and hairs from any pets are easily removable.

NAL leather is sustainable and durable, thus it is less taxing on the environment.

Upon purchase of each piece of furniture, you will receive a certificate of authenticity and premium warranty as standard. 

Technical specifications

Brand: Chesterfield
Model: My Chesterfield
Material: NAL
Color: Wash Off Brown
Dimensions: W: 200 cm, H: 80 cm, D: 90cm, Seat depth: 54cm
Number of seats



Production time