Chesterfield Harris Tweed Geranium armchair


Chesterfield Harris Tweed Geranium armchair in Harris Tweed wool and Cerato Bovine leather

Durable chesterfield with a beautiful finish combined between tweed and Bovine Leather. This blend of Harris Tweed wool and leather incorporated into the Chesterfield Geranium armchair creates a unique look.

We only use the original Tweed fabric with the Orb quality mark for the Harris Tweed collection. This is stamped on the fabric by the legal department of the Harris Tweed Association.

The Tweed is first dyed, then spun with particular way and then woven by hand.This luxurious Tweed is 100% made from pure new wool and is famous because of its pleasantly warm, breathable comfort and longevity.

The Chesterfield Geranium armchair is available in different wool and leather colours.

You can adjust the color combination to what you wish and create your own Chesterfield Harris Tweed furniture.

You will obtain a Certificate of Authenticity on certified paper with the Chesterfield Geranium armchair. This Chesterfield certificate includes the production number with wax seal and stamp.

The certificate is closely linked to House of Chesterfield transferable warranty conditions. Transferable warranty on sale is exclusive in the furniture market and is only provided by House of Chesterfield on all its Chesterfields.

We provide a 3-year warranty on the leather and Tweed wool on every Chesterfield Harris Tweed furniture, as well as a 12-year warranty on the frame.

Technical specifications

Brand: Chesterfield
Model: Geranium
Material: Bovine leather and Tweed wool
Dimensions: W: 100 cm, H: 77 cm, D: 87 cm
Production time: 6 – 10 weeks
Number of seats


Production time