Patchwork or Whole hides

A piece of Chesterfield furniture made from whole hides or in patchwork

Is a Chesterfield from "The Chesterfield Brand" made of patchwork a lesser quality Chesterfield, as some other suppliers claim? The answer is: no. Let us explain further.


There are two possibilities for processing the leather on Chesterfield furniture:
a. whole hides
b. selected parts of the hide, cut to size

The processing referred to under b. is called patchwork. In the industry, it is sometimes implied that patchwork is made from waste hides or leftover material. With us, the opposite is true. All our furniture, including the patchwork, meets the Chesterfield Brand's high quality and environmental standards with the same guarantee conditions. Patchwork is the ultimate quality handiwork from the craftsman! And that shows.

The patchwork: process, quality and technique

With our patchwork method, the entire hide is firstly cut up in the most optimal way. Good patchwork is the most economical and environmentally friendly method of production. It requires great craftsmanship and is an art in itself. All pieces of leather with an irregularity, such as bites or other scars, can be separated out. The leather that is then worked is of a consistent quality. Another significant advantage is that far less residual material is left over than when working with a whole hide, which reduces the burden on the environment. In addition, patchwork is easier to process and therefore less labour-intensive. All this results in more economical production costs and a lower price for the customer.

Through careful selection of the leather parts, only the best pieces of leather are brought together for processing. If desired, combinations can be made in different colours or shapes. The leather pieces are then stitched together in a specialised, artisanal technique. The craftsman then carefully folds the leather over the stitched leather pieces so that the seam is no longer visible but disappears under the fold. At the same time, this technique ensures a good distribution of pressure: not only on the seam, but also on the fold. This gives the leather on the furniture optimum strength, stability and load-bearing capacity for greater and lasting seating comfort.

Is a Chesterfield from "The Chesterfield Brand" made of patchwork a lesser quality Chesterfield, as some other suppliers claim?

Conclusion: no!For the entire collection of the brand ''The Chesterfield Brand'', there is no difference in quality between a whole-hide Chesterfield and a patchwork Chesterfield. The same guarantee conditions therefore apply to both products.