About Us

About House of Chesterfield. What distinguishes us from other Chesterfield suppliers?

On this page you can read about the origins and working method of House of Chesterfield, The Chesterfield Brand, our high quality requirements, the production partners, the transparent price structure, the unlimited customisation possibilities, and our best-known guarantee system.

From Chesterfield Showroom to Chesterfield.com and House of Chesterfield

The basis of our company is The Original Chesterfield Factory Limited, located in Chesterfield, England. In the beginning, we used an existing English Chesterfield production line, and sold the furniture through our Chesterfield Showroom sales network, now Chesterfield.com and House of Chesterfield. At that time, the Chesterfield manufacturing factories in England produced standard products almost exclusively. Deviating from this was practically impossible or only to a very limited extent, and then also at an enormous additional cost which was not in proportion to the actual production costs. We felt that this was unacceptable, so we began searching for new approaches. It was impossible to order Chesterfield furniture for the business market, especially if it had to be made to measure. This is now possible at B2Bchesterfield.com. 

The Chesterfield Brand

We established the only Chesterfield brand name that includes the word Chesterfield: The Chesterfield Brand. Under this brand name we entered into cooperation with various factories and tanneries. The furniture produced under this brand meets the highest demands in terms of quality, environmental requirements and professional competence of the upholsterers; they produce, we manage and inspect. In the meantime, we have grown with this formula from one to six production countries, and want to expand this number further in the coming years. For logistical reasons, we established our head office and distribution center in The Netherlands. From here, we can easily reach our customers not only in Europe, but worldwide.

Exclusive Chesterfield Sales Channel

House of Chesterfield, together with its subsidiaries Chesterfield.com (consumer) and B2Bchesterfield.com (commercial), is the exclusive sales channel of The Chesterfield Brand for both consumers and businesses. Started as a Chesterfield showroom with five showroom / store locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, we have grown under the new name Chesterfield.com to sales in 40 countries and now have over 40 showroom / store locations. For the commercial market there is a dedicated website www.b2bchesterfield.com where, after registering and logging in, you will officially become a Chesterfield Partner. The House of Chesterfield was developed especially for the online private market. You can order standard Chesterfield furniture with just a few clicks.

How do we differ from other Chesterfield providers?

1. Patent. The Chesterfield is best known as the iconic handmade sofa with loosely hammered nails on the front, and the characteristic diamond-shaped upholstery pattern with a pulled-in button on the back and arms. The patent for this characteristic diamond pattern was established by us years ago, and is therefore our property.

2. Direct from factory to consumer. Chesterfield.com supplies, as the only Chesterfield supplier, directly from the factories to the consumer. This has a great price advantage for the customer.

3. Unlimited choice in customisation. The careful selection of specialised manufacturing partners gives us fantastic manufacturing opportunities. The Chesterfield furniture from The Chesterfield Brand can be completely adapted to the individual and very specific wishes of the customer. Consider, for example, differing sizes, the type of cushion, having inner spring in the cushions or not, use of whole hides or patchwork, a different type of leather, various colours, the frame in beech or hardwood, adapted nails, or buttons with company logo, etc.

4. Certified production. We work with Chesterfield producers in various countries, and only after thorough testing do we accept them as our production partners. This means that they produce under the brand name The Chesterfield Brand with all the associated strict production conditions. The furniture they produce receives the Original Chesterfield Certificate. By working in this way, the country of production origin no longer makes a difference.

5. Specialised production partners. Our production partners each have added value due to their specific production characteristic(s), and are also selected on this basis. The UK factories supply for the order of our customer who wants a pure English Chesterfield i.e. 100% English in terms of materials, labor and production location. The Harris Tweed fabric manufacture, for example, is specifically British. The other European factories are geared to orders that require, among other things, a fast delivery. And the factory in Asia is mainly geared to orders for special customisation, for which the upholsterers receive special training and guidance. For example, our most famous Chesterfield model, the Brighton, can be made in England, elsewhere in Europe or also in Asia, depending on the specific wishes and budget of the customer. From standard to extremely luxurious, everything is possible.

6. Clear prices. On our website, the prices for each product are stated in a transparent and clear manner, including the modifications, so that the customer can make a good comparison and make a choice with ease. The price of non-standard, specific customisation can be requested, without obligation, by sending an email to info@chesterfield.com.

7. Value for money. We guarantee the best value for your money. As previously stated, The Chesterfield Brand stands for the highest standards of quality, environmental requirements and craftmanship of the upholsterers. All our furniture is handcrafted with care, and we only use 100% bovine leather. Because we deliver directly from the factory without the involvement of third parties. We can offer lower sales costs without compromising on quality or the fair remuneration of the craftsman. Our direct sales system of showroom / shop locations also contributes to this; a conscious, cost-effective choice.

8. Dynamic. The Chesterfield Brand is a modern and dynamic Chesterfield brand that, in addition to the traditional Chesterfield models, also dares to experiment within the Chesterfield style. With our Design your Chesterfield program, we offer consumers the opportunity to design their own Chesterfield. Everything is possible.

9. Certificate of Authenticity. When buying your Chesterfield, always pay close attention to a supplied certificate of authenticity and the terms of guarantee as there is often a catch here. Our fellow Chesterfield providers / resellers buy their Chesterfields elsewhere and then resell them under their own name, also with a guarantee and a certificate. But beware: especially as a reseller, they can never ensure the quality and therefore not the guarantee of the factory. However, Chesterfield.com is able to do this. We can account for the entire production process from A to Z of all furniture with The Chesterfield Brand label. We know exactly by whom, where and with which raw materials our Chesterfield furniture is made. We provide a 100% guarantee from the factory. This is stated in our original Certificate of Authenticity, which distinguishes us from other Chesterfield certificates.

It can be recognised by the following features:

  • The original Certificate is printed on certified paper.
  • The original Certificate has a wax seal.
  • The original Certificate has been signed by the trademark holder from the factory.
  • The original Certificate is provided with a unique production / order number.
  • The original Certificate number can be traced back to the corresponding craftsman.
  • The original Certificate is Inevitably linked to the guarantee conditions.
  • The original Certificate entitles the holder to the transferable guarantee upon sale.

10. Unique transferable guarantee conditions. In addition to the Certificate of Authenticity, we offer a comprehensive global guarantee. This is the best possible guarantee. It is also unique in the world of Chesterfields: it is transferable; in other words, it can be sold or transferred. This means that if the item is sold or transferred within the guarantee period, the guarantee continues to apply. This guarantee applies to the entire collection. Our conditions are clear and can be read on the Chesterfield.com website.

11. Assurance of guarantee. With its honest, well-founded production and guarantee formula, Chesterfield.com was by far the first Chesterfield supplier that, at the end of the last century, already fulfilled the requirements of various guarantee systems such as Thuiswinkel, CBW, Navem, Trust Ecommerce Europe, Trusted Shops and other European organisations.

12. Largest collection. Chesterfield.com is the only provider of the largest Chesterfield collection in the world, thanks to its unique collaboration with Chesterfield manufacturing partners.